Jean-François Mangin

Jean-François Mangin graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris and received his Ph.D in image analysis from Télécom ParisTech. He is the head of a research group in structural neuroimage analysis located in Neurospin, the high-field MRI center of the CEA. His methodological interest is in building computer vision systems dedicated to the complex structures embedded in neuroimaging data. His neuroscience interest is in modeling the variability of the cortical folding patterns and of U-fiber bundles of white matter.In the Human Brain Project, the European Commission Flagship (, he is the coleader of the Stragegic Human Brain Data subproject with Katrin Amunts. In the context of CATI, his ultimate goal is the inference of imaging-biomarkers from large databases using machine learning.

Section Diffusion/faisceaux

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Morphology of the cerebral cortex ( à la place de Atrophy from fold opening)

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