CATI is an academic service platform supporting more than 30 multicenter neuroimaging studies in the fields of neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatry (AD, Parkinson, Huntington, ALS, Bipolar, etc.) including several therapeutic trials. The platform has been founded in 2011 to aggregate the numerous French expertises in the domain in order to turn multicenter neuroimaging accessible to any projects at a reasonable cost. Building upon a large network of harmonized imaging facilities, the platform monitors acquisitions and performs centralized image analysis from a wide portfolio covering most of the MRI/PET/SPECT modalities. A machine learning service targetting biomarkers can be provided on demand following the needs. Raw data and analyses are delivered through a web service to the study’s consortium according to the requests of the PI. Thanks to the harmonization of imaging acquisitions and analyses across studies and pathologies, the platform fosters collaborations in order to speed-up the emergence of research projects at the scale of big data.

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Harmonization & Developement of MRI/TEP/SPECT sequences

CATI’s services cover the standardization of MRI and PET/SPECT data acquisitions. These…

Set up of MRI/TEP/SPECT sequences

CATI has set up acquisition protocols for around 30 studies in his…

Raw data Quality Control

Quality Controls are performed at each step of the data flow to…
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