CATI offers2

Specific Management & Processing Services

  • Access to a standardized imaging network
  • Imaging data collection, monitoring and quality check
  • Central databasing facility with highly secure web access
  • Large portfolio of image analysis tools
  • Specific expertise in machine learning

Assistance in Multicenter Project Management

  • Support from design to data analysis for multicenter studies
  • Development of new imaging/analysis tools
  • Possibility to join a national database initiative
  • Link with Memory Clinics for patients recruitment

Imaging Modalities

Brain MRI

Standard protocol

  • 3D-T1 – 1mm isotropic
  • 2D-T2 FLAIR
  • 2D-T2 FSE/TSE
  • 2D-T2* GRE

Basic research protocol

  • resting state fMRI
  • DWI EPI with 15 to 60 directions
  • B0 field map

Advanced research protocol

  • 3D-T2* GRE for R2* maps
  • ASL
  • 3D-FLAIR


  • FDG
  • Amyloid tracers
  • Dopamine neurotransmission tracers


Analysis Portfolio


  • Whole brain, gray-white volumetry, VBM
  • Hippocampal segmentation and volumetry
  • White matter hyperintensities
  • Cortical thickness
  • Cortical fold morphometry
  • Basal ganglia
  • White matter bundles
  • Functional networks


    • Voxel-based pipelines
    • Atlas-based pipelines

Machine learning

  • Biomarker inference